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We got the first of two runs Sunday at 11:52, we did 121.787. The fuel pressure gauge read zero, when I got back to the pits I turned up the regulator to give it two pounds.


The second run was 128.678 mph, with 10# of boost at just a hair over 6000 rpms.


Racing was delayed Monday because of rain Sunday night, and windy conditions. I turned up the boost to 15#, and went down one size on the intermediate jet. We made our only run of the day at 3:54. I got it up to 6200 rpms for a top speed of 132.37, steady improvement. The carb was now overflowing at low speeds, and the plugs looked rich.


The first run on Tuesday was at 7:53, we did 125.391. The 110 main jet was too big, 5900 rpms. Better too rich than too lean.


We changed to a 106 mj for our second run, and did 128.29. The plugs looked too hot, I went down one heat range.


On the third run, I went back to our record setting gear ratio by adding two teeth to the rear sprocket. I was a little too optimistic with the starting gearing. We also changed to a 102 mj, and we did 133.086 @ 6500 rpms. We are still showing slow but steady improvement.


Wednesday morning at 9:21 the air was nice and thick, and we went to a 104 mj. We did 134.104 at 6400 rpms.


At 1:01 the next run was done with a 106 mj for a speed of 132.935, a little too rich. The motor just didn’t feel quite right, so I checked the timing. I found a problem! Somehow the timing was ten degrees too far advanced. Not enough double checking beforehand.


At 3:52 with 38˚ timing and a 102 mj, we did 134.217. That was our last run for the day, time for a cold one!


On the last day at 7:57 with no adjustments we did 133.069 @ 6300 rpms.


For the next run at 9:54 I tried a 100 mj, that was a mistake. The motor wouldn’t tach up, and I let off early. That run was 111.48.


Our last run was at 12:16, with a 104 mj. The motor felt strong in the lower gears, but when I got into the measured mile the tach started to go the wrong direction. I held it open anyway since I knew it would be our last run, for a top speed of 133.117. When I got back to the pits and checked things out, the compression on the front cylinder was low, and on the rear it was gone. I think having the timing off for so many runs is what did it in. We sure had a lot of fun while it lasted!


And not to forget our new entry JRV/FRCP Racing. Bob Velloza raced an M2 Buell for the first time in honor of his son Jake, lost in combat May 2nd 2009. Number 621 achieved a very respectable 141 MPH. Not too bad for the first time out! Jake would be proud!!!!  


Thanks again to all of the generous people who helped make this possible. As always, next year will be better!!!